For Business Owners in Salt Lake City in Reducing Medical Costs

~  Would your Human Resource Department know how much your company pays for your employees medical insurance per month / per year?

~ Would your Human Resource Company know how much it costs your company when an employee is out of work from back pain for one day?

~ Would your company be interested in receiving at a nominal fee holistic chiropractic lifestyle presentation given by Dr. Bob Seiler, a licensed, salt lake city, holistic chiropractor? Following this holistic lifestyle presentation there would be a Q&A for your employees to ask relevant health questions which could help your company save money and increase their productivity.

~ These days medical insurances are always raising their rates costing you more money – maybe its time for employers and employees to take more responsibility for their own health & well-being.

~ Continuing to pay medical insurance companies for your employees “pain care”, “crisis care”, “sickness & illness care” continue the habit and pattern of staying sick or being in pain. Why not try something novel like taking car of the human body so that it doesn’t become sick or painful? What’s involved in not becoming ill, pain diseased?

~ Dr. Bob Seiler, a chiropractor in Salt Lake City will present to your staff and company the state-of-the-art in healing to help reduce the pain, injury, illness, disease for the people who work for your company.

~ Dr. Bob Seiler, a holistic chiropractor in Salt Lake City can help educate your staff on how they can take better care of themselves in order to reduce your medical insurance dependencies.

~ Please call  801.230.0166, or leave a confidential message and Dr. Bob Seiler, a holistic chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah, to schedule your holistic chiropractic consultation; or send an email to [email protected]

To Your Health & Well-Being,

Dr. Bob Seiler – a Salt Lake City licensed holistic chiropractor residing in Salt Lake City, Utah.




Chiropractor, Salt Lake City, Utah – Lecture Series

Topics: All Potlucks & Lectures on Thursday Evenings – Pot Luck @ 6 pm – Lecture @ 6:15 to 7:45 pm – Free

Week 1: 2-19-14 – How Carbohydrates Destroy Your Brain & Body

Week 2: 2-26-14 – Benefits of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy – Increased Oxygenation & Increased Energy for Your Body – Prolonging Your Life

Week 3: 3-6-14 – How Posture Affects Your Function – High School Contact Sports: Wrestling, Football, Gymnastics – How Can these Sports Adversely Affect Your Spine

Week 4: 3-13-14 – The Benefits of the Chiropractic Adjustment – Best Age to Begin Chiropractic Care

Week 5: 3-20-14 – Lifestyle Options for Managing Low Back Pain: Benefits of Traction & Decompression, LiteCure Deep Tissue Laser, Mechanical Percussion, Ergonomics, Food

Week 6: 3-27-14 – Holistic Chiropractic Lifestyle Interventions for Alzheimer’s, Obesity, Diabetes, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches – How Damaging are Carbohydrates & Sugar for Your Body

Week 7: 4-3-14 – What are the Benefits of Phyto-Nutrients? of Reservatrol? of Pinot Noir wine?

Week 8: 4-10-14 – What To Do if Your Involved in a Car Accident in Salt Lake City, Utah – When to Have an Attorney – Dr. Bob of Holistic Chiropractic Can Help You find the Right Attorney for You

Week 9: 4-17-14 – Our Master’s Champion’s Dinner – The Affects of Torque on the Golf Swing – Master’s Highlites


Class Handouts Beginning Thursday evening February 20th:

Omega-3 Fats and Your Health, Symptoms of Acidosis, Who Should Take Cod Liver Oil, Saliva pH Test,

Books: 1). Eat Fat, Lose Fat,

2). The Acid Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health-Restore Your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet

3). The Omega-3 Connection by Dr. Andrew Stohl

4). The Paleo Diet by Lauren Cordain

* Books can be purchased on about $8 each

Class Hand-Outs: PaleoMeal, PaleoGreens, PaleoReds Powder

Our Champions Dinner: The Masters Golf Championship – A Tradition Like No Other


Local Community Resources:

SLC Downtown – is within 5 minutes of Dr. Bob’s Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness offcie

News Fox 13 Now – is a local news company here in Salt Lake City, Utah

Buy Local First

Whole Foods – has great natural and organic foods

Kirkham’s – Outdoor Products – has great outdoor products

– Myotherapy Institute of Massage – is one of the best massage therapy schools in Salt Lake City

Massage Therapy Programs therapeutic massage can help the body feel better

Utah Pride Center – Holistic CHiropractic & Wellness supports the Utah Pride Center

Salt Lake City ~ Holistic Chiropractic Lifestyle Wellness Programs & Education

Chiropractic Resources:

Dynamic Chiropractic – Everything you want to know about chiropractic and wellness. The perfect starting point for chiropractic patients and consumers.

Life West Chiropractic College – is the chiropractic college that Dr. Bob Seiler attended in the SF Bay Area

Neuromechanical Innovations – is a type of chiropractic technique where no osseous adjusting is heard; there is “no-popping sound”

Welcome to Nordic Naturals – is the best manufacturer of Omega-3 fish oils in the world

Standard Process, Inc. – is the best nutritional supplement company in the world

Home Metagenics Genetic Potential Through Nutrition – is an excellent professional and nutritional product manufacturer

Foot Levelers, Inc. – is the best manufacturer of custom-made orthotics

the Super NanoGreens10, NanoProPRP, & NanOmegaPro Supplements

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory

ZRT Laboratory – Hormone Test, Vitamin D Test

National / International Resources:

Shambhala Mountain Center – An Environment Where Habitual Patterns of Body~Mind~ Spirit Can Undergo Change

Shambhala Community

Sonoma Mountain Zen Center

San Francisco Zen Center

Green Gulch Farm

Meditation Center

Karme Choling – Shambhala Meditation Center

Try or your community bookstore:

Abramson – Overdosed America

Adams – Natural Health Solutions

Allport – The Queen of Fats

Amen – Change Your Brain

Amen – Making A Good Brain Great

Angell – Truth About The Drug Companies

Appleton – Rethink Pasteur’s Germ Theory

Avorn – Powerful Medicines

Baker – The Body Toxic

Barnard – Foods That Fight Pain

Barry – The Great Influenza

Blaylock – Excitotoxins

Blaylock – Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients

Blaylock – Health & Nutrition Secrets

Braly – Dangerous Grains

Braly – Hidden Food Allergies

Braly – The H Factor

Calder – Nutrition & Immune System

Campbell – The China Study

Carlo – Cell Phones

Carper – Miracle Cures

Carper – Your Miracle Brain

Carroll – Lab 257

Cave – What Your Doctor May Not Tell You

Chilton – Inflammation Nation

Cohen – Overdose

Colbert – Seven Pillars Of Health

Colborn – Our Stolen Future

Cooper – Antioxidant Revolution

Cordain – Paleo Diet

Crayhon – Nutrition Made Simple

Critser – Fat Land

Critser – Generation Rx

Deyo – Hope or Hype

Ellison – Health Myths Exposed

Erasmus – Fats That Heal-Fats That Kill

Farkas – DNA A-Z

Fuller – Healing Power Of Enzymes

Gertz – Neurology Made Easy & Understandable

Glemullen – Prozac Backlash

Graveline – Statin Drugs Side Effects

Greider – Big Fix

Gutman – GSH

Healy – Endangered Minds

Healy – Failure To Connect

Hyman – Ultra-Prevention

Kassner – On The Take

Katz – Keep Your Brain Alive

Kelley – One Answer To Cancer

Kolata – Flu

Kremer – Medicinal Fatty Acids in Inflammation

Maroon – Fish Oil: Natural Anti-Inflammation

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Peet – Phospholipid Spectrum Disorder In Psychiatry & Neurology

Perlmutter – The Better Brain Book

Perlmutter – BrainRecovery.Com

Perlmutter – Raise A Smarter Child By Kinder

Pert – Everything You Need to Know To Feel Good

Pert – Molecules of Emotion

Pollan – In Defense Of Food

Pontinen – Low Level Laser Therapy

Rabin – Stress, Immune Function & Health

Richards – Fight For Your Health

Richards – The Leptin Diet

Rogers – Detoxify Or Die

Rogers – High Blood Pressure Hoax

Rogers – Pain Free In 6 Weeks

Ruebush – Why Dirt Is Good

Schaefer – Mind Over Matter

Schlosser – Fast Food Nation

Schmidt – Brain Building Nutrition

Schwartz-Nobe: Poisoned Nation

Schwarzbein – The Schwarzbien Principle

Schetter – Generations At Risk

Seaman – Clinical Nutrition

Sears: Anti-Inflammation Zone

Sears – Omega Rx Zone

Shaw – Trans Fats

Simontacchi – Crazy Makers

Skinner – Brain Lipids

Sompayrac – How The Immune System Works

Stoll – Omega 3 Connection

Stordy – LCP Solution

Strand – Death By Prescription

Strand – What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine, May Be Killing

Tribole – The Ultimate Omega-3 Diet

Tuner – Low Level Laser Therapy

Vanderhaeghe – Healthy Fats For Life

Vasey – The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health

Walsh – Food Allergies

Walters – Six Modern Plagues

Weil – Eating Well For Optimum Health

Willett – Eat, Drink & Be Healthy

Wilson – Adrenal Fatigue

Ducati-ing to Lake Tahoe>San Francisco>northern California coast – July 2014

Ducati Update – July 2014:  Just got back from a 1921 mile round-trip motorcycle trip from Salt Lake city to south Lake Tahoe onto San Francisco…doing the best of chiropractic workshops by Dr Art Croft, DC of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego to learn more about what it’s like for people to be involved in an auto collision and whiplash accidents and who are entitled for more medical /chiropractic care and legal settlement to receive what they’re entitled to whether it be from their own auto insurance for which they pay for or from the insurance company of the person who was at fault…don’t ever settle for less…it’s your birth-right! …  then over the golden gate bridge to Stinson beach up highway us 1 to Olema with a most wonderful sunday brunch consisting of clam chowder soup, 2 servings of fresh chilled oysters plus crab cakes, 2 draft beers and dessert…the “duc” never ran better nor did I… then and onto harbin hot springs for 3 days of sun…pools of water…pools of water and more pools of water…healing exponentiated…butt’s a little sore after 721 miles on the bike yesterday but the bod’s unwinding after a few scotch & water’s 🙂 … the coolest thing i’ve ever done so far…and i look forward to the “next trip…”…maybe the Canadian Pacific northwest… July 2014.

Torrey, Utah, September 2012 – Last weekend I took a gorgeous motorcycle ride to Torrey, Boulder, Escalante and Goblin State Park.  The weather was absolutely fantastic, autumn was in its full splendor and the Fall colors were so beautiful! Af’ter having sunshine for three days I was actually hoping that it would rain one day just to be able to wear my rain gear, rubber gloves and six layers.

It was my first trip to Torrey. You’re in  for a real treat. If you go too fast through the town you can ride right through it. Cafe Diablo was great for dinner, a little pricier than other restaurants in town, but quite nice. For breakfast try the Capitol Reef & Cafe…great pancakes and French toast. During the summer months it’s pretty busy so bring your newspaper, favorite book or catch up on your emails and text messaging…its  nice not rushing anywhere, besides you can always rush when you go home.

Go out Highway 12 west to Boulder. I was a little disappointed with Hells Backbone Grill…sweet atmosphere, but not quite the hype that it appeared on their website. The ride to Escalante is gorgeous. I went the third weekend in September, such beautiful Fall colors, unbelievable diversity in the geography and topography within short distances and the rodes are the best that I have ever ridden on. They wind so beautifully, no sharp bends which I don’t like and if I rode for some 25 hours over the weekend there was just “one pebble” on the entire highway.

There are so many trails to choose from and so much to see, to feel and to experience. Tons of stars. The air is so delicate …its molecules almost seem to speak…took 6.5 hours to get home, but can’t wait to go down again.

Holistic Remedies by the Modern Salt Lake City Chiropractor

There are many reasons why people these days are leaning more towards holistic remedies. One of these is the high cost of healthcare. Each year the cost of healthcare rises by 7 or 8%, which is 3 times the rate of inflation and economic growth. Health care costs are among the fast growing expenses in America. Prescription drug costs are higher than ever. Certain drugs now cost hundreds of dollars.

All these facts have caused many Americans to search for holistic remedies to deal with what ails them. Many different types of holistic remedies exist that have come down over the ages through various sources like ancient Chinese medicine. Each culture has its own specific treatments and cures that have been derived from decades or centuries of trial and error. A good many of today’s medications are formulated from plants and herbs but this is not a new thing.

Every culture has its own set of medications made out of plants like thyme, dandelion, and primrose. Digitalis, a well-known drug for heart trouble, is derived from the Foxglove plant. Opium has been used for centuries as pain reliever. This potent drug comes from the flower of a poppy. A hundred years ago, old west doctors used quinine to treat everything from infections to tooth ache and malaria. Quinine comes from the Cinchona Tree.

Today, most people would prefer a natural cure or treatment over taking a drug that might have a long list of harmful side effects. One of the oldest and best known natural treatments is Chiropractic. Using chiropractic adjustment, the doctor can align a patient’s spine and correct many of the disorders of the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

Manual manipulation of the spine, joints and soft tissue can relieve the stress to your vertebrae and bring healing relief. This type of holistic chiropractor Utah treatment brings actual healing to what is truly causing your pain and discomfort, whereas taking drugs merely masks your symptoms.

Utah chiropractor Dr. Bob Seiler of the Holistic Chiropractic and Wellness in Salt Lake City, UT offers patients some natural choices to heal their aches and pain. Dr. Seiler has over 20 years of experience and extensive education as a chiropractor. He uses the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic to gently promote the body’s natural healing functions. This often results in a true and lasting healing for patients.

Dr. Seiler works with adults, children, and teenagers using his intuitive understanding of how the body works and how each system interacts with the others. With careful manipulation of the spine, neck and back, Dr. Seiler allows the mind, body and spirit to achieve maximum health, resulting in less overall pain. With Utah chiropractic, patients simply feel better and they don’t have to worry about harmful side effects.


Can Chiropractic Help with Sports Injuries in Salt Lake City

We all have a favorite sport and some of us love sports of every kind. You may be a spectator only but most of us do get actively involved in some way. You may enjoy playing catch with your kids or meeting friends at the gym for a game of basketball. Simply tossing a Frisbee around in the yard with your dog can be relaxing and fun. Eventually, most of us will overdo it a little and get injured.

Injuries can range from pulling a hamstring to getting a painful case of tennis elbow. Sometimes, the pain will go away in a few days on its own. There are some injuries that require emergency care and some that just come on gradually. Spraining your ankle can even occur while running to catch a cab or bus.

Many patients with sports injuries have found relief with the LCT-1000. It is also referred to as the LiteCure Deep Tissue Laser and is currently being used by sports teams from all venues to treat pulls, sprains, bruising and many types of injuries.

The LCT-1000 laser therapy device can dramatically reduce the pain associated with many sports injuries including:

  • Foot, Toe, Heel, Ankle Pain
  • Lower Back Pain, Sprains, or Strains
  • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
  • Neck Pain
  • Migraine Headaches

This amazing device can even help with diseases such as:

  • Sciatica and Radiculopathy
  • Bulging, Fused, or Slipped Discs
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Arthritis and Joint Degeneration
  • Post Surgical Recovery and from Bruising

Patients with ordinary ailments like sinusitis and migraines can find relief from their suffering and this is an all-natural method that works for most patients. There are many other illnesses and conditions that the LiteCure Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy can help to alleviate.

Vertebral Subluxations

This is simply known as an “adjustment” and even an ordinary chiropractic adjustment can relieve your joint and muscle pain from a sports injury. By manipulating the spine, circulation is improved and inflammation is reduced causing the patient to feel much better. If you’ve been taking over-the-counter medications and are still experiencing throbbing pain from a sports injury, then you may need to take the next step and get some help from Dr. Bob Seiler of the Holistic Chiropractic and Wellness in Salt Lake City, UT. His practice commonly works with sports teams and understands the unique requirements of dealing with sports-related injuries.

Dr. Seiler has over 20 years of experience and extensive training as a chiropractor and utilizes the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic Utah to gently promote the body’s natural healing functions. Utah Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Seiler works to encourage the mind, body and spirit to achieve maximum health, resulting in less overall pain. With chiropractic, patients simply feel better.


Can Chiropractic in Salt Lake City, Utah Relieve Migraines?

Many Americans these days suffer with chronic headaches and migraines. The pain can be so severe that you may even have to go to an emergency room. The throbbing pain can be unrelenting and include dizziness and nausea. Those drugs that do help a little also have many dangerous side effects.

Over-the-counter medications are somewhat effective if you catch the migraine in time but this is a key to alleviating the pain of a migraine. You must begin taking medications the moment you believe you are coming down with a migraine. Sometimes sufferers report experiencing the “halo effect” where they see haloes around objects and this signals the beginning of a migraine. Once the migraine moves into its full and worst state, it is very difficult to treat. Even strong prescription medications may not work.

Thousands of migraine sufferers find relief with chiropractic adjustments. The therapeutic manipulation of the spine and soft tissue often causes the spinal column, neck and back to relax enough to ease suffering. Deep tissue massage can also bring relief to tense, bound up muscles. Other home remedies that can work to relieve migraine pain are:

  • Soaking in warm tub with Epsom Salts added
  • Relaxing walk
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Laughter
  • Biofeedback
  • Acupuncture

Unusual Cures

Since many migraines originate out of worry and extreme stress, laughter often works well to turn things around. Laughing is good medicine for many ailments and has even been used by cancer patients. Biofeedback trains the mind to direct its energy to the areas that are in pain and bring peace and comfort where there is tension. Some patients find that heat or ice packs on their forehead or neck area can help as well.

Many studies have been performed by university science departments and pharmaceutical labs. These studies often conclude that most patients find as much relief from one of the natural remedies named above as from a harsh prescription drug. Approximately 20% of migraine sufferers say that visiting their chiropractor helps with a migraine.

Dr. Bob Seiler of the Holistic Chiropractic and Wellness in Salt Lake City, UT offers patients some natural choices for the healing of migraines. Dr. Seiler has over 20 years of experience and extensive training as a chiropractor. He uses the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic Utah to gently promote the body’s natural healing functions. This often results in a true and lasting relief for patients.

Utah Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Seiler works with migraine sufferers using his intuitive understanding of how the body works and how each system interacts with the others. With careful manipulation of the spine, neck and back, Dr. Seiler encourages the mind, body and spirit to achieve maximum health, resulting in less overall pain. With chiropractic, patients simply feel better and they don’t have to worry about harmful side effects.

Pain is Your Body’s Way of Talking to You – Are You Listening?

Ultra-Marathon man, Dean Karnazes says that, “Pain is the body’s way of ridding itself of weakness.”

Most doctors agree that pain is your body’s method of saying that there is something wrong. Think of pain as a flashing red light that signals a problem somewhere.  Sometimes we get injured and it’s the next day before we feel the pain. Bruising often doesn’t show up for a day or two. Sometimes injuries are severe enough that we know immediately that we need medical attention but sometimes injuries are more subtle.

With diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, the pain and stiffness comes on gradually, giving you the opportunity to adjust your lifestyle so that you can learn to live with it. This can be a good thing in many cases but it can also prevent you from seeking help for the pain of RA. New discoveries are made every day that can help with arthritis and neuropathies, but if we have simply decided to just live with our pain, then we may not be aware of other options.

Chiropractic has been helping people for centuries deal with aches, pains and stiffness from all sorts of injuries and illnesses. In the 50’s and 60’s chiropractic was used in rehabilitating children who had suffered muscle loss from polio. The Great Polio outbreak affected literally thousands of children and many died. Those who survived were left crippled to some extent but chiropractors were able to restore much of the mobility for some.

When your body is in optimum condition, it has the ability to heal itself correctly. That is the main reason Utah chiropractic works so well. It puts the spine back in alignment and reduces inflammation throughout the body. Many patients experience great relief from everything imaginable. From sports injuries to arthritis and from migraines to muscle injuries in Salt Lake City, Utah, brings brings soothing relief and improves circulation.

Salt Lake City, Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Bob has worked with patients from every walk of life suffering with many types of pain. His holistic approach encourages your body to achieve maximum health, so that it can better heal itself. He has many tools at his disposal from the simple Vertebral Subluxation, to Litecure’s Deep Tissue Laser and KDT’s Spinal Decompression.

If you’ve  been experiencing pain in your body, then maybe it’s time to get some help from Dr. Bob Bob of the Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Bob has over 20 years of experience and as a professional chiropractor, he understands how to utilize the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic in Salt Lake City, Utah to gently promote the body’s own natural healing functions.

Musculoskeletal Health of Structure to Function – Salt Lake City Chiropractor

Salt Lake City, Utah, chiropractors focus on the body’s spine health and the key to physical health and well-being is a healthy muscular and skeletal system.

The spine allows the body to bend, twist and move. A healthy spine does not hurt and is virtually pain-free. Almost every body movement a person makes requires use of the spine, whether it’s getting out bed, showering, sitting at a desk, tying shoes, folding laundry or driving a car. Not only is the spine responsible for the body’s movements, but it also houses the core of the body’s nerves.

Consisting of 26 vertebrae, or bones, the spine runs from the base of the skull to the tailbone. These vertebrae neatly stack on top of one another, separated by sponge-like discs. Every bone in the body – either directly or indirectly – attaches to the spine.

When a person moves, the spinal column is capable of moving in four main ways: flexion, a forward bending motion; extension, a backward bending motion; lateral bending, bending from side-to-side; and rotation, which involves twisting. As the spine is comprised of so many bones, the body can freely accommodate these movements.

The spine consists of 32 pairs of nerves, each of which exits the spine and sends nerves to different parts of the body. These spinal nerves are delicate and can easily become inflamed or irritated, causing the body to not operate at its full potential. Chiropractors believe when these nerves are inflamed, it can impact the nerve flow to other areas of the body, including vital organs.

When the body is sore and compensates by placing more stress on other areas, this is known as hypo-mobility. When this occurs, as the body compensates for inactive movement in other areas, the result is hyper-mobility. When the body compensates in this way, it causes other areas of the body to become fatigued and causes pain. When abnormal movements and routines continue over an extended period, it can result in chronic bodily ailments. This is where visiting a chiropractor at the first onset of pain is advisable, helping to eliminate chronic conditions from developing and reducing inflammation immediately.

Dr. Bob Seiler, a Salt Lake City, chiropractor, Utah, understands the importance of people listening to their bodies. The body’s warning mechanism is pain, and when the spine reduces range of motion, it’s the body’s way of sounding an alarm. When people experience back spasms, this is in response to the body protecting the delicate spinal nerves.

Maintaining good spinal health is vital to overall physical strength. This includes:

  • Posture – Maintaining good posture trains the muscles, enabling the body to function more efficiently and effectively.
  • Flexibility – When someone exercises correctly and regularly, the body adapts to these extended ranges of motion. Stretching correctly and regularly helps to elongate muscles, enhances the lung’s air intake and lengthens tendons. It also helps maintain a healthy range of motion for each vertebra and joints.
  • Structure to Function – its Relationship: As the human body evolves upon birth its structures develop based upon the biological environment that the human body resides in. Through the natural process of nature the human body is dependent upon the gravitational forces that are placed upon it, and and gives us the bodies’ that we have. Based upon how our bodies’ sit, stand, walk, bend, twist, turn, then accordingly our bodies develop its own particular posture. Depending on how this posture develops it has a direct relationship to how it functions.

Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness in Salt Lake City

The chiropractic profession focuses on overall body health without relying upon drugs or surgery, affirming that an optimal functioning nervous system which includes your brain and its 32 pairs of spinal nerves which travels to every function in your body leads to your optimal health and well-being. Without focusing on medication, chemicals, drugs, surgery, chiropractors seek to help people improve their health by focusing on an optimally functioning nervous system. Maybe that’s why it’s the first system to be created and developed at conception.

The chiropractic profession in Salt Lake City, Utah, focuses on consulting with patients, reviewing the patient’s case history, laboratory testing and analysis, x-ray examinations and physical assessments. When a chiropractor completes an exam, he/she pays special attention to the spine. Spinal evaluations are beneficial, allowing a chiropractor to evaluate the relationship of structure to function.

The spinal column begins with a series of bones at the base of the skull, ultimately ending at the center of the hips. Chiropractors specialize in understanding the 31-pairs of spinal nerves that extend from the brain, exiting through a series of openings throughout the spine. The nerves exit the spine and form an extremely complicated network that drives every tissue within the body.

Displacements of the spinal column are common and can result from an accident, fall, overexertion, stress or tension. Nerve irritations can cause the body to malfunction. Chiropractors focus on reducing this irritation, allowing the body to operation more fluidly and function normally.

Chiropractors focus on the entire body, emphasizing exercise programs, nutritional health, wellness plans and lifestyle modifications that focus on improving mental and physical health. If something it outside the realm or expertise of a chiropractor, they will refer you to another physician or even work in conjunction with the other physician to get the help you need.

Chiropractors, while using holistic techniques, also focus on diagnostic testing, MRIs, extensive lab work and X-rays. Additionally, many chiropractors also utilize acupuncture, electric muscle stimulation techniques, exercise therapy, heat and cold therapies, herbal therapy, lifestyle counseling, nutritional analysis and counseling, manipulation, massage, physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, stress management and traction techniques.

Dr. Bob Seiler strives to create a mutually beneficial doctor-patient relationship, delving into patient history and trying to help patients’ heal holistically. Detailed problem solvers, chiropractors strive to focus not only on short-term needs, but also long-term goals.

Dr. Seiler’s, Salt Lake City, Utah holistic chiropractic practice focuses on body mind healing, state-of-the-art holistic chiropractic therapies like litecure deep tissue laser therapy and  spinal decompression being natural, comfortable, non-invasive therapies leading to overall wellness-of-being in Salt Lake City.