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Holistic Chiropractic in Salt Lake City

Integrating Holistic & Advanced Energy Therapies to Support Body, Mind & Spirit

Lessen Pain, Increase Flexibility, Enhance Performance & Restore Wellbeing

New Patient Special: A 65 minute holistic session with consult, exam & therapies for $ paying patients with Free Feet Scanning. Regular $184 for $144 (limited time offer)

Auto Insurances accepted for Auto Accidents; Commercial insurances accepted for Pain Relief; Paying out-of-pocket accepted for Health~Wellbeing to Support Healing & Serving Our Veterans through our local VA Hospital


Hi & Welcome to Holistic Chiropractic, Subtle Energy Medicine & Wellness, 


There's so much to take into consideration these days when wanting to help restore your health, to lessen joint pain, back pain, neck pain, to increase flexibility and just wanting to improve your quality of life to go the distance ~ naturally and holistically. 


You may have tried all sorts of therapies, doctors or specialized clinics and you're still not getting the help you need; maybe you're realizing that all those tylenols, ibuprofens, pain meds are just toxifying your body; maybe you've done all sorts of imaging, and you're told "they can't find anything wrong", and you sense that you don't feel right!    


With holistic chiropractic Dr. Bob does perform a variety of gentle chiropractic adjustments that you will be comfortable with, but also integrates other holistic, energy, mind-body accessments, evaluations combined with intuitve, integrative listening to help lessen pain, but improve your quality of living. 


We will simply and inexpensively explore together what you're eating and drinking, because what you put into your body feeds your mind, your nervous system, your brain, all the systems of your body to live better, healthier & more fulfilled. 


Excess sugar and carbs, oftentimes aren't easy to recognize, but usually lead to inflammation, pain and illness.


Through Dr. Bob's heartful support and multiple decades of experience he offers you not just a life of less physical pain, but a life of more vitality, wholesomeness & vitality. 


If you cud before scheduling your new patient appointment, please complete our New Patient forms under the above tab For New Patients. This will help Dr. Bob better understand how he can help you.


An inspirational read, which has had a huge impact on my life is:


Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. - The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Conscious, Matter & Miracles.

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What are subtle energies?


They are the energies within us and all around us. Everything is and has Energy. Life is Energy. It's the energy of our nervous system; of our  nerve cells that extend throughout our entire body and being that keeps us alive.


It's the energy we receive from the quality in what we eat and drink. It's the amount of sugar, carbs, pain meds or N-saids (Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen, Tylenol) that we ingest, and not being aware of other natural options that can help. 

The affects of physical, chemical and emotional stresses have a huge impact on our body and mind. How we think and the intentions that we have in our world makes a big difference in our Wellbeing. 

These subtle energies can be supported through heartful listening, holistic chiropractic and supportive energy therapies like Erchonia's low level laser and the BioCharger's revitalization platform technology along with feeding your body and mind nutritional, organic wholefoods, maybe doing a detoxification or purification program to a jump-start. 

Dr. Bob's gentleness of hands, heart & mind, combined with his ability to tune into the senses of your Being can begin to create new tendencies, changes in your life. Such changes can take some time, but are longer lasting than quick-fix attempts.

Come and experience new beginnings @ 801-230-0166.

NY Times Best Seller:

The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind & Body in the Healing of Trauma, by Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

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Holistic Chiropractic & Subtle Energy Medicine is a "psychotherapeutic-friendly" body-mind clinic supporting the individual who wud be curious in exploring the benefits of various holistic body-mind therapies to assist in their psychotherapeutic endeavors and processes.


Sometimes just talking about physical, chemical, emotional traumatic events in one's life can be beneficial, but sometimes limiting.


This is what Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D., discusses in his book titled, The Body Keeps The Score: The Brain, Mind & Body in The Healing of Trauma.


The holistic practices of chiropractic and subtle energy medicine can support integratively body amd mind wholesomeness.


If you'd like after completing your specific type of New Patient Forms in the above tab, you are welcome to schedule a new patient holistic session. 


A read for Curious, Quantum Minds:

The Quantum Mind & Healing: How to Listen & Respond to Your Body's Symptoms, by Arnold Mindell, Ph.D.

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Dr Bob Seiler - SLC Chiropractor

Dr. Bob's, Holistic Chiropractic with Body~Mind & Subtle Energy Medicine

Dr. Bob’s holistic energy medicine practice is not your traditional chiropractic clinic. His philosophy is that your entire Being, that of your body, mind & spirit, and what you eat, think, dream, what you’ve experienced in all your life including what you are dealing with now all has an affect on who you are at this time. Western medicine may not take this into consideration, unfortunately.

If you’d like to become a patient, we go on a journey together of listening to, and helping to restore and balance your vibrational energies  through acknowledging events in your life to help support your Wellbeing-ness.

Dr. Bob’s entire clinic emits vibrational energies through plants, frequencied-music, laser, light & sound therapies, through his hands, heart & mind to help support your healing.

Go through the New Patient forms and see if those forms move you into wanting to begin your journey of healing.

After completing the forms you can email them to Dr. Bob at

A little bit about Dr. Bob; he has developed a close relationship with nature through his watching and playing on his high school golf team in New Jersey, and in the Pacific northwest where he attended the University of Oregon, and sojourning to Scotland some ten years ago where the golf gods & goddesses reside.

From his chiropractic studies at Life West Chiropractic College in northern California, from his Processwork Certification from London, and his Processwork studies in Oregon, Ireland & the UK, he offers integrative, holistic therapies, subtle energy therapies & medicine to support your wellbeing, healing & longevity. 

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