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Being of a empath nature, I tend to feel the discomfort, pain & suffering in our world.

Bringing this sensitivity into my work, we can work together to lessen your discomforts / physical pain; help improve flexibility; help balance, support & restore your body’s energy to create a deeper sense of Wellbeing within you, so that your days & life can be more enriching! 

Through advanced body~mind energy practices & technology, I would like to offer you my experience, heartfulness & wisdom to support your journey into better Wellbeing.

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Supporting Subtle Energies @ 801.230.0166

Everything in our world is energy, energy & energy, says Albert Einstein, and as Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. discusses in his, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles, one’s quality of living can improve with the choices that we make!  

When these subtle, vibrational energy fields within you & around you are nurtured, and when your nervous system & all your body’s systems have better balance, you can have increased energy, do more, have less pain, move & sleep better, feel less depressed, anxious, isolated, dream better & feel more whole~some.

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Awareness & Mindfulness @ 801.230.0166

Holistic Chiropractic & Subtle Energy Medicine is a “psychotherapeutic-friendly” healing environment, that supports a person doing “talking therapies”, because when you can integrate the process of what’s happening within your body, it can support your body~mind rather than just be “thunking & talking” about things.    

This is what Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. discusses in his book, “The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind, And Body In The Healing Of Trauma”.

As a chiropractic physician, practicing, holistically, Dr. Bob can use his experienced hands to support your body, which supports your mind and quality of life. 

Come & feel the difference @ 801.230.0166

Dr Bob Seiler - SLC Chiropractor

Dr. Bob's Holistic Chiropractic with Integrative Body~Mind Subtle Energy Medicine

Dr. Bob’s holistic energy medicine practice is not your traditional chiropractic clinic. His philosophy is that your entire Being, that of your body, mind & spirit, what you eat, think, dream, what you’ve experienced in all your life and your Source energy has an affect on who you are in this moment. Western medicine can help, but unfortunately, may not take a holistic approach into consideration.

If you’d like to become a patient, we go on a journey together of listening to, and helping to restore and balance your vibrational energies within your Being through acknowledging different physical, chemical, emotional events in your life to help support your Wellbeing-ness.

Dr. Bob’s entire clinic emits vibrational energies through plants, frequencied-music, laser, light & sound therapies, through his hands, heart & mind to help support those energies that provide your healing.

Go through the New Patient forms and see if those forms move you into wanting to begin your journey of healing.

After completing the forms you can email them to Dr. Bob at [email protected]

Dr. Bob has developed a close relationship with nature through his watching and playing on his high school golf team in New Jersey, and in the Pacific northwest where he attended the University of Oregon, and sojourning to Scotland some ten years ago walking on the sacred golf grounds where golf gods & goddesses reside.

From his chiropractic studies at Life West Chiropractic College in northern California, from his Processwork Certification in London with his Processwork studies in Oregon, Ireland & the UK, he offers integrative, holistic therapies, subtle energy body-mind therapies to naturally support your wellbeing, healing & longevity.