Dr. Bob’s Holistic Chiropractic

& Subtle Energy Medicine

“The Doctor of the Future will give No Medicine, but will interest his/her/their Patients in the Care of the Human Frame, in Diet and in the Cause and Prevention of Disease” - Thomas Edison 1903

Benefits of Holistic Chiropractic & Integrative Wellness

You may ask, “What’s involved in a Holistic and Integrative Approach in your Health & Wellbeing as practiced by Dr. Bob in Salt Lake City, Utah?

There’s so much pain, discomfort, illness in our world. There can be physical pain, back, neck, joint pain, headaches, or dealing with the affects…

Benefits of Supporting our Subtle Energies

Subtle Energies are the Energies within us, around us and throughout our Universe. It’s what creates you, me, us.

Everything is Energy as Albert Einstein says! All of life, that which is “local” & “global” are fields of energy. It’s what connects us all through what we see, hear, feel and sense are fields of Energy.

Its the Energy of your nervous system…

Benefits of Mindfulness

Holistic Chiropractic with Integrative Wellness is a “psychotherapeutic-friendly” body-mind, process-oriented wellness environment supporting one’s innate body and mind healing capabilities.

By being aware of and listening to the subtle energies of one’s body and mind, one can through the innateness of one’s nervous system allow healing to unfold.

Dr Bob Seiler - SLC Chiropractor

Dr. Bob's Holistic Chiropractic with Integrative Body~Mind Subtle Energy Medicine

Dr. Bob’s holistic energy medicine practice is not your traditional chiropractic clinic. His philosophy is that your entire Being, that of your body, mind & spirit, what you eat, think, dream, what you’ve experienced in all your life and your Source energy has an affect on who you are in this moment. Western medicine can help, but unfortunately, may not take a holistic approach into consideration.

If you’d like to become a patient, we go on a journey together of listening to, and helping to restore and balance your vibrational energies within your Being through acknowledging different physical, chemical, emotional events in your life to help support your Wellbeing-ness.

Dr. Bob’s entire clinic emits vibrational energies through plants, frequencied-music, laser, light & sound therapies, through his hands, heart & mind to help support those energies that provide your healing.

Go through the New Patient forms and see if those forms move you into wanting to begin your journey of healing.

After completing the forms you can email them to Dr. Bob at [email protected]

Dr. Bob has developed a close relationship with nature through his watching and playing on his high school golf team in New Jersey, and in the Pacific northwest where he attended the University of Oregon, and sojourning to Scotland some ten years ago walking on the sacred golf grounds where golf gods & goddesses reside.

From his chiropractic studies at Life West Chiropractic College in northern California, from his Processwork Certification in London with his Processwork studies in Oregon, Ireland & the UK, he offers integrative, holistic therapies, subtle energy body-mind therapies to naturally support your wellbeing, healing & longevity.