Affordable Spinal Decompression for Back & Neck Pain

Every person has his, her, their own understanding of what pain is, what the contributing factors are leading to the cause of their pain, and at what degree of pain does a person finally seek help and where does a person go for that help?

Since there are only 30% of pain cells in person’s body it takes a problem at least 70-75% of a pain problem to develop before a person actually feels pain. It could take 10-20-30 years before a person actually feels back, leg, neck, arm pain. 

You don’t have to be dependent on addictive pain medications, or over-the-counter pain relievers like tylenol, ibuprofen, acetominophen or even surgery.

While other clinics may want to charge you thousands of dollars for a series of decompression sessions, if you are “willing” to change your habits / patterns of working / doing things, along with changing your intake of food, beverages & sleep patterns and doing detoxification / purification programs to reduce the inflammation in your body, and on a daily basis follow Dr. Bob’s wholefood nutritional supplement protocol, your holistic, decompression sessions would be $180 per hour plus any nutritional support or external supportive devices that you may need. Any additonal time for your decompression / holistic chiropractic session would be $45/15 minutes.

Gentle Non-Invasive Pain Relief

You can receive gentle, non-invasive, non-surgical help to relieve back, leg, neck, arm pain whether you are suffering from  a bulging, herniated, prolapsed, sequestered disc, facet syndrome, sciatica or stenosis.  

MRIs, x-rays, a thorough spinal examination and evaluation with a CBC (Complete Blood Count),  urinalysis and maybe a comprehensive metabolic panel can help Dr. Bob better understand the factors leading to your level of pain. 

The illustrations below show the unique positions that your body can be placed on the Kennedy Decompression/Traction table to lessen your back, leg, neck, arm pain and lessen your possibility of surgery.

Dr. Bob looks forward in earing from you and helping.