Scheduling a New Patient Appointment

Please go the above tab For New Patients, scroll down to New Patient Forms, then click on the appropriate link; then find a quiet place where you can reflect on the questions being asked. This will help Dr. Bob better understand some of the underlying causes/reasons for you feeling the way that you do.  

If you are trying to use your medical insurance please call your insurance to verify your chiropractic benefits even if you think you already know what your coverage may be, because deductibles,  co-pays, co-insurances & coverages are always changing.   

Please bring your most current insurance card, and the card of the insured to your new patient appointment and a method for your copay or co-insurance.

Involved in a Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident according to Utah State Law you would need to call and report the accident to “YOUR” auto insurance company, “NOT” the insurance company of the driver that you think may be at fault. If the other part is “at-fault”, your auto insurance collects from the “at-fault” insurance. If your case needs an attorney, Dr. Bob can have an easy-going attorney come to his office to discuss your case with you, and one that Dr. Bob can highly recommend. SOmetimes selecting an attorney from a TV ad or billboard may not be the best choice for your accident & situation. 

When you call your insurance to report your accident ask your auto insurance adjustor for a CLAIM NUMBER. Bring that CLAIM NUMBER and the contact information of your adjustor to your initial appointment. Get your adjustor’s name, phone number, fax number, physical & email address in order for our office to correctly submit your medical bills. 

Dealing with Some Form of Trauma?

Sometimes, trauma can be a very difficult to talk about.  The holistic chiropractic & subtle energy medicine techniques that Dr. Bob practices honors your emotional, physical, chemical and spiritual essences & boundaries. What is discussed or shared during a treatment session is confidentially maintained. Dr. Bob with his compassionate nature will support you in what you are dealing with. He looks forward in meeting you, listening to you & supporting you.  

Injured While at Work?

If you have been injured while at work, and if you are trying to use your worker’s compensation benefits, please bring with you the required documents, signatures, phone numbers, authorization # and primary contact information that our office would need to communicate with, regarding payment for rendered holistic chiropractic services.

Making a New Patient Appointment Outside of Regular Business Hours?

If you are scheduling a new patient appointment outside of regular business hours for the first time, a credit card would be required to reserve your new patient appointment unless other arrangements have been made with Dr. Bob. Your credit card would not be charged unless you didn’t show up for your appointment.