For your loved-one who may live in, or near Salt Lake City, and whose family members, or primary care-takers live abroad, but who would like their loved one to continue to have a more active life-style by receiving the support of holistic, subtle energy medicine & wellness services, rather than your loved one perhaps having a more sedentary life-style, or be nestled or isolated in a less active care facility.

This type of individual may be able to drive, or choose to take an active mode of transportation like Uber/Lyfft, or be driven by a friend to Dr. Bob’s clinic. This individual, or distant care-taker wants their loved one to have a more independent life-style, to have their life more actively supported in their thinking, functioning, their vibrational energy, in their wholefood nutritional supplementation, detoxification or purification programs to stimulate vitality through holistic, subtle energy medicine & wellness services, by supporting a more active body, mind, spirit way of being. 

Prior to scheduling a new patient appointment, please go to the above tab For New Patients, then scroll down to New Patient Forms, and complete the appropriate form at home or in a quiet place and reflect on the questions being asked. This will allow Dr. Bob to spend better quality time with you, or your loved one at your initial session.

After completing your new patient forms, then call Dr. Bob for a new patient appointment @ 801.230.0166.