Chiropractor - Dr. Bob SeilerDr. Bob of Holistic Chiropractic & Subtle Energy Medicine & Wellness was raised in the New Jersey, New York City metropolitan regions. He has lived in Seattle, Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area for some 15 years before relocating to Salt Lake City some 22 years ago. He has no religious affiliations, but is deeply spiritual, which is expressed through his love of nature, golf, international travel while giving and attending personal growth seminars and workshops.

He grew up on New Jersey golf courses and still playing after some 60 years; won his Caddie Championship at the Upper Montclair Country Club in Montclair, NJ about 1969; caddied for Orville “Sarge” Moody in 1970 at the Dow Jones Open and journeyed a few years ago to Scotland and played all three of Carnoustie’s courses: the  Championship, the Buddon & Fireside followed by the Royal Troon and Prestwick courses. The first British Open was held at the Prestwick course in the days of ol’ Tom Morris.

On that same Scotland adventure he did some window-browsing in the charming town of St. Andrew’s, where he also attended a lecture of British literature at St. Andrew’s University, which was held in a stoned-middle-aged chapel – pretty cool! He was too tired to play St. Andrew’s course, but did go their St. Andrew’s amazing golf museum.

n comfortable weather he enjoys riding his Ducati motorcycle in the near-by mountains & forests in Utah, or heading out to Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, or up the Oregon coast.

He loves the Sundance Film Festival where each year he spends way too much time exchanging Sundance tickets at Trolley Square (joke0. At the 2017 festival he saw 12 films & totally appreciates the extraordinary efforts that  Sundance directors and producers bring to the screen with their amazing expression of art, creativity, dealing with human relationships and world issues. And got to see Naderson Cooper after the showing of his film “Nothing Left Unsaid.” And in his recent trip to Amsterdam this past August 2023 he got to attend an international film festival 🙂

Dr. Bob enjoys all kinds of music, folk, rock, classical, opera, ballet & likes hearing “new stuff”, and attended two classical concerts to his recent journey at the Concertgebouw concert hall in his recent trip to Amsterdam! 

He’s been practicing the classical guitar for some 14 years, and plays at some  “open-mics” at local coffee cafes plus getting his nightly fix of Golf Channel, The Masters, The Open, PGA & US Open & of any sport good competition.

Once was into CNN & MSNBC, but don’t watch too mch news anymore – too boring & depressing.    

Dr. Bob devotes lots of time  attending professional and  spiritual workshops around the country and overseas. He’s a long term student of Process Work Psychology as taught by Drs. Arny & Amy Mindell from Portland, Oregon, and has completed the UK Processwork Certificate Program in London just before covid arrived in 2020. He’s been studying Tibetan & Zen meditation as a way of practicing to perceive his world & “self” through un-patterned eyes, which is quite challenging to say the least these days ~