What Your Initial Holistic Session Looks Like

Office of SLC Chiropractor Dr. Bob Seiler

You will be welcomed and greeted…

Dr. Bob and you will go through your new patient intake forms that hopefully you completed at home or in a quiet place.

As we go through your in-take forms, you are welcome to share with Dr. Bob as much about your medical history, your life, perhaps traumas, small or bigger ones, that can help Dr. Bob  better understand you, so that he can help you as much as he can holistically, and help you as much support as he can. 

The different physical, chemical, emotional events that have taken place in a person’s life has an affect on who you are now and how you are feeling now. It could be pain, insomnia, headaches, malaise, depression, digestive unrest, isolation, hopelessness.

One doesn’t have to be alone wiht their pain, suffering. These states of being, states of mind can be acknowledged, listened to and supported.

Because everything is inter-connected within your body; your physical body, your mind, your heart and all your organ systems. It’s all Energy, you, me and everyone and everything. All of Energy is inter-connectedly woven.

We can acknowledge,  listen to and explore how we can better balance these Energies, or as chiropractic philosophy says “lessen the subluxations / nerve interferences that we all inherently and unconditionally adopt.”

In your initial session we would evaluate your posture, muscle tone, misalignments in your spine, shoulders, hips, knees, lower legs and feet.

Your feet support all of you physically, emotionally, spiritually. And we can in a 3D dimension scan ur feet to see if the arches in your feet need supporting.

Fallen arches or “flat feet”  affect your entire body, your feet, lower legs, knees, hips, low-mid- upper back, scoliosis, kyphosis, reversed curves in your neck, having a “hunched-over” posture, TMJ and headaches.

We can if you’d like examine your current eating habits, because even though you as most patients say that they eat well most people don’t. If you’re not feeling well, you’re probably not eating well and drinking enuf of the right fluids. 

And we can evaluate all 14 of your organ systems. Dr. Bob can give  recommendations to help you feel better, and not just lessen pain, but to improve your overall quality of life and improve your digestion, brain alertness, energy levels, better sleep, longevity, and offer changes through better nutrition, and perhaps recommend  purification or detoxification programs.

Different lab testing is available if needed, but Dr. Bob tries to use the more simplified less expensive holistic testing methods.  

You are welcome to bring recent lab results, imaging (x-rays, MRI’s and their reports) to your initial session.  

There are other options than just to being dependent on genetics as westerm medicine thiking has lead us to believe.

You can “epi-genetically” supercede your genetics. You do have the power to empower your wellbeing.

This is what Dr. Bruce Lipton discusses in his book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles. It’s a great read if you’re willing to be open to newness and change in your life.  

You can experience and receive a plethora of gentle, soothing, non-forceful, state-of-the-art, energy-supporting modalities and therapies with gentle and varying types/techniques of chiropractic intervention, which nourishes your nervous system, which in turn nourishes your entire Being, that of your body-mind-spirit-soul.

When concluding your initial session, Dr. Bob will give his recommendations for future care and you can decide if you’d like to continue on this wellness journey.