Office of SLC Chiropractor Dr. Bob SeilerWelcome! it’s Dr. Bob’s intention that our initial session together and on-going sessions can be the seed of new beginnings & changes for you in your life, particularly, if you’re not pleased with state-of-mind, body, spirit that you are currently experiencing ~  

The Holistic Chiropractic, Subtle Energy Medicine & Wellness that Dr. Bob practices can synergistically improve the relationship that  you have with your physical body, mind and energy as related to the integral functioning of all your life force, energy systems including your relationship with your higher-power, and divineness. Those beliefs that no longer serve you can be altered through holistic and vibratoinal energy therapies, so that you can have a more satisfying relationship with yourself, with others while being more gentle with your past, and being able to gently move into a softer and more comfortable present. Genetic and epi-genetic occurrences in one’s life can take on a new perspective.  

In your new patient appointment we will be:

  1. Discussing your New Patient In-Take Forms, which Dr. Bob recommends that you do in a quiet place before scheduling your new patient experience. These forms can be found in the above tab For New Patients. 
  2. This would be followed by a comprehensive, holistic, physical examination, which will access your physical body, posture, muscle tone, imbalanced shoulders, hips, knees and feet. We will examine the arches in your feet, because your feet support your whole body, which means that just about any physical ailment that you are dealing with, through custom-made orthotics, sandals and shoes can help you relieve pain & improve the functioning of your body, from your feet up to your head, including headaches, neck pain or TMJ (jaw pain), if you’re dealing with that. 
  3. We will examine your current eating habits, because even though you as well as most patients say that you eat well, if you’re not feeling well, then you’re probably not giving your body and mind what it needs to feel better. We will evaluate all eight of your organ systems, give recommendations and offer changes through better nutrition, and perhaps do purification or detoxification programs. Different lab testing is available if needed, but Dr. Bob tries to use the more simplified less expensive holistic testting.  
  4. If you are comfortable you may share and talk about different lifes’ experiences, and we can see how they can affect your Wellbeing, body, mind & spirit. 
  5. Through using our 3D, computerized, optical scanner, Dr. Bob will scan your feet, and we will both see how your feet are supporting or not supporting your posture and your entire body. 
  6. Depending on what comes up in your new patient consultation, we would be spending somewhere about 75 minutes, more or less depending on what is discussed. Fees are based on $45 per 15 minutes.
  7. You are welcome to bring recent lab results, imaging (x-rays, MRI’s and their reports) to your initial session. On-going care, wellbeing recommendations wud be given at the end of our initial session, or more in detail in our upcoming sessions.   
  8. To make changes in our lives, evaluating how we function, how we feel, how we think, our attitudes towards these concerns takes some time, weeks, months, years to change, but at least we can begin the process, now, if you choose.