How Dr. Bob’s Services Are Different:
You won’t come into a waiting room filled with people~
You won’t have multiple treatment rooms where you’re shuffled back and forth~
You won’t have multiple doctors treating you~
You will receive Dr. Bob’s personal, undivided attention~
You’ll experience Next Generation subtle energy therapies unlike other chiropractic offices~
If you appreciate quietness you’ll be embraced in a soothing, well-planted, well oxygenated,  environment~
And you will feel extremely welcomed and supported in all aspects in your healing  journey~ 
Dr. Bob welcomes you to begin your journey into Wellness ~
* It is  recommended that before you schedule your new patient appointment, that you print out the New Patient Forms in the above tab For New Patients, and complete those forms in a quiet place. Reflect on the questions being asked. This will allow you to see if your coming to Dr. Bob’s clinic is a good fit for your needs.   
Life’s trauma, stress, anxiety, pain, daily way of life, or unfortunate life circumstances have an affect on our physical body, mind, emotions, chemistry, cellular being & vibrational energy, illness, dis-ease and longevity.  These unpredictable, always present cellular stresses affect who you are totally & holistically. Together, you and Dr. Bob can gently and slowly work to improve your, or a loved ones quality of Wellbeing~   
What your daily in-take of food / snacks consists of will be accessed,  because what you eat has significant effects on who you are, your degree of  functioning or lack, thereof. 
Doing a Standard Process System Survey along with a comprehensive, holistic chiropractic evaluation and examination with an initial treatment session will help get you on the road to recovery to help optimize your Wellbeing, quality in living &  longevity. It wud seem reasonable to me that what you do for yourself will reflect how long you live and to the quality of life that wud want!
This process from stress to wellness takes some time, but you and Dr. Bob can work together at a pace & affordability that feels right for you.
If you ever become concerned about taking too many medications, through the holistic chiropractic that Dr. Bob practices, and working with your current doctor if you’d like, you can over time take less medications; if you wud like to explore that. Medications can be helpful, but there also can be levels of toxicity, which you may want to be aware of. 
Your initial appointment can include holistic treatment consisting of multiple state-of-the-art holistic therapies, amethyst crystal heating pad with traction & percussive massage with gentle manual or neuro-mechanical chiropractic adjustments, and perhaps energy frequency therapies.
Dr. Bob offers different length-timed treatments to accommodate  how much you want to invest in your wellbeing. He can also chiropractically adjsut your shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers as well as knees, ankles and toes to help to increase joint movement & decrease arthritis.
Optional gentle neck & back spinal decompression, laser & vibrational energy therapies are also available.
You can receive lot’s of wonderful support & therapy for your body, mind, spirit at Dr. Bob’s holistic clinic. Treatments are tailored to your physical, emotional and chemical needs.

*Forms of Payment:

Through HSA’s, FSA’s, auto-bank deposits, cash, check, venmo, cash-pay, some medical insurances and most auto insurances.
If you are trying to use your medical insurance you must call your insurance to verify your coverage, and to see which plan you have, and see if Dr. Bob is a provider for your plan; otherwise you may have unexpected medical bills.
*How long are follow-up visits & costs?
Future visits depending on what is needed to help you can be 30, 45, 60 minutes, and are pro-rated @ $45 per 15 minutes unless you are trying to use some form of insurance. 
It’s been Dr. Bob’s professional experience, that there is usually more underlying factors causing you to feel the way that you do; more than just a pinched nerve, a rib out of place or headache.
Helping your body feel better, helps your mind, and supporting your mind & brain supports your body.  
* Will I always receive a chiropractic adjustment?
Dr. Bob uses other multiple and very gentle types of chiropractic adjustments. He will always explain to you what kind of adjustment he is doing, and will only give an adjustment if he thinks it will help you. And he will ask you if you want to receive the adjustment. 
If your health concerns have been more involved and chronic, you may bring any recent (within 3 months) lab work, blood work, urinalysis, x-rays, MRI’s, CT scans to your initial appointment for Dr. Bob to review to better understand & access your condition.
  • Dr. Bob offers multiple therapies such as intersegmental / pronex traction, with crushed amethyst-crystal stones with photonic, infra-red heat , ice packs, breathing techniques, non-surgical spinal decompression for neck & arm radiating pain / radiculopathies or low back and radiating leg pain as well as diverse, percussive techniques, deep tissue laser, BioCharger (energy frequency technology), whole food nutritional counseling, with detoxification & purification programs, and process body-mind therapies.