For New Patients

* Please complete your New Patient Forms at home or in a quiet place before scheduling your New Patient appointment.

Go to the above tab For New Patients, and print out the form for a cash-pay, commercial or auto insurance patient. 

Please note that your appointment begins at the time scheduled. If you arrive 20 minutes late, you wud have the remaining session time less the 20 minutes late, but you wud be responsible for the full hour session fee. 

Please select one of the following patient types:

> Cash-pay (out-of-pocket paying) patient, which is $180 per hour, if not trying to use any insurance. If needed and agreed to, you can receive extra or less treatment time at $45 per 15 minutes.

Some patients may prefer having some extra time in their session to deepen their holistic therapeutic experience.

Dr. Bob’s Holistic healing sanctuary is not your typical “in & out” chiropractic clinic. 

Quality doctor-to-patient time will be spent with you. There are no multiple treatment rooms nor multiple doctors!

> As a Commercial Insurance paying patient, or 

> As an auto accident patient using your auto insurance.

 Again, please reflect on the questions being asked in ther new patient intake forms, so that Dr. Bob can be of best assistance to you. 

Thank you,