My Schooling as a Chiropractic Physician Practicing~Holistically

Chiropractor - Dr. Bob SeilerDr. Bob Seiler, a chiropractic physician, Doctor of Chiropractic, DC, in Salt Lake City, has attended a rigorous, four-year intensive chiropractic college training consisting of intensive and extensive science and chiropractic technique courses some 4,950 class hours plus having four National Board exams (believe me it ain’t easy and I did it later in life), and prior to chiropractic college did 3-4 years of day & evening science classes, preceded by a licensed massage certification, after which I worked with the A.I.D.S. community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to that he attended The University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon getting a B.A. in psychology, Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ and Essex Catholic High School in Newark, NJ.

A chiropractic student needs to pass the Part 1, Nat’l Board exam before taking the Part 3 exam, and then you need to pass the Part 2 Nat’l Board exam before taking the Part 4 Nat’l Board licensing exam which is a combination of an oral and radiology exam under quite a bit of pressure. Before one is accepted into one of 15 chiropractic colleges in the world you would need to take one year of chemistry, biology and physics with labs. As a chiropractic student you would be attending many “lunch-time”, “hands-on chiropractic clubs” to practice the chiropractic adjusting techniques that you are interested in learning. You would also take many evening, weekend chiropractic-related workshops and if you choose you can take other national and international workshops to develop the spirit and sense of touch in your hands and your ability to help people heal, naturally, and holistically.

Dr. Bob with his local and international studies not only has learned to enhance skills in his hands, but also has developed those intuitions within his heart, mind and spirit to help create an open and intuitive flow of communication with his patients, with understanding and sensing what is happening within your body, physically, chemically, emotionally, and if you are spiritually-inclined those dimensions as well. He was raised catholic back in New Jersey in the 50’s & 60’s, then explored different American Native Indian spiritualities before venturing into Tibetan & Zen buddhism – as ways of deepening his spirit through nature in body & mind.

And please be aware of other chiropractors claiming to practice chiropractic holistically where I feel that most of the time they may only be coining the term, but not really understanding it or practicing it. There is more to healing than repetitive chiropractic adjustments. The body, spirit, mind, heart & soul need to be nurtured & listened to, otherwise, I think we become weary, fatigued & we don’t function as well as we wud like to. Understanding the body and mind more holistically helps you understand the deeper causes of why you are feeling the way that you are, and recommendations can be given to make changes in your life. We wud work together, to make things better.

As a seasoned SLC chiropractic physician, practicing chiropractic, holistically, Dr. Bob uses his 20 years of international training to continually develop his skills in locating within your body and your mind where energy is “blocked, stuck, subluxated” as the chiropractic term is utilized within your energy fields. Toxcity, oxidative stresses, free radicals, anxiety, trauma, stress and injury all play a role in the history and years of who you are All that you have experienced in all your life including the physical stresses (constant gravitational forces), the chemical stresses (food that people eat and the air they breathe), the emotional stresses (from your relationships, job stresses, traumatic events in any part of your life), which oftentimes is manifested in different regions of your body & mind, unknowlingly, only until you feel that something isn’t right. Your body, mind, vibrational energy will choose to express your anxiety, trauma, stress, injury in different ways; perhaps through pain, a stiffness, a tightness in your body, in nightmares, through illness or as “dis-ease”. Dr. Bob through different process-working techniques, vibrational energy therapies along with holistic chiropractic care and state-of-the-art holistic therapies will journey with you, as you and he will explore various dimensions of holistic mending.

Becoming more aware of who you are, what your body and mind have gone through in your lifetime helps to develop a new relationship with your symptoms and health concerns, and those physical symptoms, those heart-aches can be medicine for you. You may be able to see pain, illness, disease differently from the anxiety, trauma, stress, toxicity, injury that you may have unfortunately experienced. You can learn how to be more optimistic with whatever you may be dealing with, if you can have just a bit more tenderness, sweetness, love, compassion, optimism and a sense of exploration in who you are, where you are, and maybe together where you and we can go in your healing.

Of the many chiropractic physicians in Salt Lake City, in our country and around the world, Dr. Bob’s unique training, education, healing philosophies, his use of his hands, mind, heart and spirit are unique to the holistic, vibrational energy, body-mind connection in healing. Dr. Bob also sees one patient at a time with no multiple treatment rooms and no multiple doctors. Treatments are like a body-mind therapy.

You are welcome to begin the journey as a new patient with Dr. Bob. And it is recommended that you complete The New Patient Forms under the above tab For New Patients, and select the best link. After that you may call Dr. Bob @ 801.230.0166 to schedule your new patient appointment.

I look forward in meeting you, working with you and being of service.