Injury, Trauma, Stress can become stored in your body over years that you knowingly or unknowingly are aware of. Anxiety, nervousness, uncomfortableness from different types of physical, emotional events can lead to chronic illness and dis~ease. As a chiropractor for anxiety, Dr. Bob uses gentle, hands-on integrative bodywork, so your body and mind can re-establish, reset, recalibrate the impact of those previous experiences. Our current world events whether from the trauma of war, earthquakes, storms, environmental upheavals, our pre & post covid times can lead to increased stress, anxiety, isolation, which can affect levels of pain, illness, dis-ease.

Office of SLC Chiropractor Dr. Bob SeilerTraditional ‚Äútalking-therapy-methods” like seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist, a licensed social worker or clinical mental health counselor are beneficial, but the holistic chiropractic care that Dr. Bob of Holistic Chiropractic & Subtle Energy Medicine practices includes a body & mind integration, where Dr. Bob wud gently place his hands on the area of your body where you are feeling your tension, stress, discomfort to support your wellbeing; it’s like craniosacral therapy, and your symptoms can be dialogued with.

And by integrating subtle energies through light, laser therapies and whole food nutrition changes can occur over time. These are some gentle, natural ways in bring about change. A detoxification or purification program can assist in making these subtle changes. Many patients will say that they eat well, but if you’re not feeling well, then you’re probably not eating well enuf.

From Dr. Bob’s holistic chiropractic perspective, chiropractic focuses on restoring your nervous system and all your body systems to their optimal functioning. Simply put, when your whole body functions better, you feel better, sleep better, dream better, rest better and play better.

We work towards you having less medical doctor visits. We work towards keeping you out of a hospital. We focus on your overall Wellness to help you become more immune to illness and disease rather than wait for illness or disease to overwelm you. We feed your innate powers of healing, those inner, life forces within your body and mind to excel, to survive and thrive.