Holistic Chiropractic with Integrative Wellness: Lessening the Effects of Sugar > Stress >Inflammation

Injury > Stress > Trauma can become stored in your body over years unknowingly. Anxiety from different types of physical, emotional events can lead to pain and chronic illness.  Dr. Bob practices chiropractic holistically to help re-establish, reset, recalibrate one’s body and mind to support a better innate homeostasis of body and mind. Different disturbing world events whether of war, earthquakes, storms, our environmental, our pre & post covid times can lead to increasing levels of stress, anxiety, isolation, which can affect levels of pain, injury, illness.

Office of SLC Chiropractor Dr. Bob SeilerDr. Bob’s integrative, holistic chiropractic supports people do “talking-therapy-methods” like seeing a psychiatrist, M.D., psychologist (Ph.D.), a licensed social worker (LCSW) or clinical mental health counselor (CMHC). As a holistic physician Dr. Bob practices integrates and mind wellbeing approaches where he wud gently place his hands on the area your tension, stress, discomfort to support your wellbeing; it’s like a craniosacral therapy. Your symptoms and pain can be dialogued with and gently supported.

From Dr. Bob’s holistic chiropractic perspective, chiropractic focuses on restoring your nervous system and all your body systems to their optimal functioning. Simply put, when different parts of your body and mind feel better, all of you functions better. You can feel better, sleep better, dream better, rest better, work, perform and play better.

Having a holistic approach towards wellbeing you can probably have fewer medical doctor visits besides your yearly, bi-annually checks. Regular medical check-ups are good to make sure your systems are functioning well. Regular lab work is recommended in order to detect if there is anything not right in your body before it becomes too big of a problem. We’ll focus on overall Wellness to support your immune system to help lessen pain, injury, illness, disease.