House Visits for Holistic Chiropractic, Subtle Energy Medicine & Integrative Wellness

Sometimes and for different reasons a person may not be able to drive, or have the transportation available to get to Dr. Bob’s office. In situations like that Dr. Bob wud travel to your home, or place of care, and be able to provide the following services:
1. A holistic consultation, intake and physical examination; stress, toxicity and 14 point organ system evaluation; listen to what you are dealing with in cases where you may not have someone to listen to you. Our time with covid, or perhaps without family can create moments and times of isolation, which can lead to increased pain, depression, headaches, stress, digestive issues.

2. Provide gentle percussive therapies and Class 3 low level laser light therapy. Read online about Erchonia’s EVRL Class 3 Low Level Light Laser Therapy.

3. Provide gentle craniosacral, neuro-mechanical or manual chiropractic adjustments.

4. All services wud be paid in cash, most major credit cards, venmo.

If you have any questions, or if you wud like to schedule an appointment, please call Dr. Bob @ 801-230-0166.

Service fees are $180 per hour plus transportation time. Extra treatment time can be provided @ $45 per 15 minutes.