The “Physical & Emotional” Pain from a Car-Cycle-Scooter Accident?

The sooner you can begin your holistic chiropractic care following your accident, the more you can heal, which helps lessen those aches, soreness & pain before things get worse. 

Your auto insurance pays for your physical injuries as well as the emotional trauma associated with your your accident. 

Things to Know If You’re Involved in a Car Accident:

  1. Always call a police officer after your car accident, so that the police can document your accident, particularly if the other person is at fault. 
  2. Sometimes police officers are very busy with other local responsibilities. You may need to wait for an officer to arrive at your accident.  
  3. After your car accident occurs see if you can notice any witnesses to attest to what happened. Ask them for their name, address and phone number.  
  4. If you have significant injury you may want to go to a hospital’s ER; if you’re not too sure about going to a hospital you may call our office @ 801.230.0166 to be  advised.   
  5. SLC Chiropractor Dr. Bob OfficeAt Holistic Chiropractic, Subtle Energy Medicine & Wellness, Dr. Bob not only treats your pain & injuries, but also addresses the physiological, chemical or emotional components of your trauma. And different traumatic events in life tend to have an accumulative effect on your body, mind & spirit, which cud lead to other emotional affects.    
  6. In Utah whether you are at-fault or not your auto insurance covers your medical/chiropractic care usually up to $3,000 & sometimes more. If your case requires additional medical/chiropractic care, Dr. Bob can contact an experienced personal injury attorney to work with both of us. 
  7. Life’s pretty tough these days – with stress, costs of living, covid, fires, water shortages and perhaps increased isolation or personal loss. Doing more for yourself sooner, could be better than waiting for things to get better.