Office of SLC Chiropractor Dr. Bob SeilerHolistic Chiropractic, Subtle Energy Medicine & Wellness provides state-of-the-art methods of gentle, soothing and non-invasive chiropractic techniques, subtle energy medicine & wellness therapies. Dr. Bob, a chiropractic physician in Salt Lake City, Utah, employs a body-mind, holistic wellness approach, which utilizes breathing techniques, mind-body therapies, soft and deep tissue therapy, neck and back spinal decompression, soothing hand-held percussive therapies, trigger point energy therapy, cranio-sacral therapy with the best of wholefood and holistic, nutritive counseling with Standard Process products.

The LiteCure deep tissue laser therapy has a soothing warm feeling when applied, and can help relieve your pain. Laser therapy can also lessen swelling, inflammation, bruising and stimulates healing. Deep tissue laser therapy reduces free radical cell proliferation which in turn decreases pain, inflammation, swelling.

Erchonia’s low level laser therapy enhances the mitochondria, the energy producers of your cells RNA and DNA synthesis, which can be further supported by our new Next Generation BioCharger technology. Charging your life, can help change it.

Spinal decompression, traction, distraction is a gentle, non-invasive and non-surgical therapy to help alleviate back, leg, disc pain, sciatica, stenosis. It also helps to relieve headaches, neck, shoulder, arm pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Our downtown holistic chiropractic, subtle energy medicine & wellness clinic focuses on a holistic approach of body, mind and spirit.

Additional techniques used are intersegmental traction with heat-ice compresses, craniosacral therapy, breathwork, postural awareness and structural re-patterning. Natural and holistic healing is a process and usually involves some patience. There aren’t too many “quick-fixes” in wellness care these days.

But the sooner you can begin this journey into wellness, the sooner your body-mind-spirit can have the opportunity to have a better quality of life.

If you put more time into caring for your body and mind now, you may be able to lessen your need for medications, have fewer insta-care appointments and spend less time in a hospitial. 

Before scheduling your new patient appointment, please complete our new patient paperwork at home or in a quiet place. Then call Dr. Bob at 801.230.0166 to schedule your new appointment, and let him  know what day and day is best for your appointment.