Your Holistic Chiropractic & Subtle Medicine Energy services can be paid with cash, personal check, your HSA or FSA, most commercial and  auto insurance companies venmo, cash-pay, and most major credit cards with a nominal fee. 

Normal out-of-pocket fees are $45 per 15 minute session time and can be pro-rated based upon your treatment time.

Commercial insurance may cover a portion of your holistic sessions. Most auto insurances pay for your holistic chiropractic care unless you have a deductible.

If you’re involved in a cycle, motorcycle, scooter, skateboarding accident the at-fault’s auto insurance can be used to help pay for your chiropractic and medical recovery as related to your accident for your injuries, pain and suffering.  

Your initial session is about 60-75 minutes. Future sessions can be from 75 to 15 minutes based on what is holistically needed to help you and what you want to accomplish in working together.

After completing your new patient forms at home or in a quiet place, then call Dr. Bob for a new patient appoontment at 801-230-0166. 

Dr. Bob’s holistical chiropractic philosophy is that there are subtle and vibrational energies within and around your body, mind & spirit from over a lifetime, which can be nurtured, listened to and balanced not only to help lessen your physical pain, but to support your functioning in our challenging world. 

These subtle energies within and around your body, mind & spirit are interconnected with your entire Being and those energy fields that may have encompassed a good portion of your life. These “entangled / stressed”, energy fields can lead to physical, chemical, emotional distress, pain. illness and disease.  

The treatment time that we have together is supporting your body and mind.

Wholefood nutrition, that is real food without synthetic ingredients, pesticides and herbacides can lead to healthier body and mind. A holistic philosophy is that it takes more than chiropractic adjustments to be healthy.

It’s like cleaning your home. Do you just clean one room or your whole house, inside, outside, yards, attics and basements. Is your foundation strong? Are your feet, legs, lower body, upper body, mind and brain fed well?

What you eat, what you put into your body, holistic chiropractic can make a difference in your life. Wholefood supplementation, infra-red and traction therapies and optional laser, photonic & spinal decompression along with our BioCharger NG (an energy-frequency technology) can lessen your musculoskeltal pain, provide more & better movement in your life and give you more optimism in living!  

This is your invitation! Come! Call today > 801-230-0166.