Investing in Holistic Chiropractic & Subtle Energy Medicine

Our office accepts cash, check, most major credit cards, venmo, FSA and HSA plans, some commercial insurance plans and mostly all auto insurances. 

Please note Holistic Chiropractic’s investment fees are typically higher than most chiropractic physicians practices, because treatment time is longer with more advanced “multi-frequencied / energy” therapies, rather than a few quick adjustments.   

The out-of-pocket investment is $45 per 15 minutes. Your first session is about 60 minutes, or about $180. A 60 minute session allows you to connect more deeply with your body, mind and spirit, and you can take that new energy with you into the world.

Dr. Bob can work with you to create a treatment plan to help change previous or existing patterns in how you work, in how you go about your day, the posture that you have in those activities, the amounts of stress that you deal with during your day, and your toxicity load, which all have an affect on how your body and mind. 

Maybe you’d like to consider doing 12-18-24 sessions over a period of time, particulalry if you’ve been “stuck” where you are for quite a bit of time.  

Working together over a period of time can change ways in your Being. Organic ,wholefood nutritive supplementation, detoxification, purification programs while lessening inflammation and free radicals in your body can help restore overall Wellbeing in body-mind-spirit in order to make longer lasting changes.

All of these changes take place over time. There’s work involved and a financial investment. Usually, there aren’t any quick fixes although many people want the “quick-fix”. It took time to develop how you feel and it takes some time to undo whats been created.