Dr. Bob’s philosophy with  Holistic Wellbeing is that there are subtle energies with and around your body, mind & spirit, which can be nurtured, balanced, listened to, and supported.

These subtle energies of body, mind & spirit are  interconnected with your entire being and energy systems, which become “entangled / stressed” from a lifetime of physical, emotional, chemical, genetic, and epi-genetic  events.   

This Journey from Discomfort through Inflammation to Wellness is a Process. It’s more than one treatment, because you can’t remedy a lifetime of “dis-ease” in 60-75 minutes, but we can begin the process.  

After completing your new patient visit forms and coming in for your initial new patient session and treatment, Dr. Bob wud give you his recommendations and options for future care; then you & Dr. Bob can discuss which is the best plan / program for you based upon your wellness options and goals and what kind of financial investment that you’d like to commit to your current and future wellbeing & longevity. 

Your holistic ciropractic services can be paid preferably by venmo, cash pay, paypal, or by bank card with a nominal fee. Commercial insurance may cover a portion of your sessions. Most auto insurances pay for your holistic chiropractic care unless you have a deductible.