The Science Behind the BioCharger NG:

Benefit #1 – Rapid Cellular Oscillations:

The BioCharger NG provides a wide spectrum of non-thermal photons and electromagnetic frequencies that bathe the entire body with these multiple forms of subtle energy.

Benefit #2 – Healthy High Voltage

The human body, and its 70 trillion cells, benefits greatly from short term exposure to high voltages.

Benefit #3 – Negative Ion & Ozone Therapy

Negative ions have extra electrons and are electron donors, or antioxidants. Ozone and negative ions can neutralize free radicals and provide a protective and energetic supply of electrons to the body.

Benefit #4 – Biophotons

The BioCharger NG provides a rich spectrum of light therapy, in addition to the radio frequencies.

Benefit #5 – Increasing the TMP

One of the most important benefits of the high voltage that the BioCharger NG delivers, is to recharge and revitalize the TMP, or transmembrane potential. A healthy TMP is critical to cellular functions, such as detoxifying wastes and nutrient intake.

Benefit #6 – Enhancing ATP Production

By enhancing the TMP, the sodium/potassium pump is also improved, resulting in enhanced ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production, ATP is the energgy unit of the cell, therefore all energyin the body is mediated by ATP. More ATP production results in additional energy for the body as a whole.