Why I Became A Chiropractor?

Whenever someone asks a person why they became a chiropractor there is usually a health story associated with it. The chiropractor may have had some life threatening health issues, injuries, or maybe there were some life-threatening health problems in the chiropractor’s family. And for the person involved there was a decision to take the usual medical route with its medications, antibiotics, pills upon pills in all sorts of colors and shapes, medical tests, medical procedures, more medical tests and more medical procedures in order for a person to begin to head in a new direction with their health and well-being, which involves making many better informed better lifestyle health choices!

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Over my twenty-five years in the healthcare profession I’ve worked with many people with different forms and levels of pain from what I believe comes from the constant physical, chemical and emotional stresses that people unknowingly are exposed to, which in turn lead to oxidative stresses and free radicals in their bodies. These life-long stresses can erode the energy systems of your body and mind, which can eventually be displayed as symptoms, headaches, pain, obesity, different chemical-physical-emotional-mental aberrations / dysfunctions, chronic illness and disease.