Discovering the Benefits of Holistic Nutrition

One of the major issues that many Americans now face concerns their diet and exercise. Americans are now eating diets rich in carbohydrates, fried foods, and sweets. We’ve all seen those commercials for a big delicious double cheeseburger and chocolate shake and then gotten into our cars to drive to the nearest fast food establishment. While these types of food are certainly delicious, they are not at all good for our health.

It’s definitely okay to eat these types of foods occasionally but when your entire diet is made up mostly of pizza and cheeseburgers, you will quickly see a decline in your health. That’s where holistic nutrition comes in. Holistic nutrition helps us to relearn what’s good and healthy for us to eat as opposed to what foods to stay away from.

Once a person becomes 30, 40 or 50 pounds overweight, they will find that they cannot get around near as well as they once did. Carrying an extra 40 pounds in body fat is like taking a box of junk that weighs 40 pounds everywhere you go. You will quickly get out of breath and find that you can’t go very far.

Holistic nutrition seeks to help us get back to eating fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables that nourish our body and brain. At snack time, eat grapes instead of potato chips. For dinner, add a crisp dinner salad in place of the mashed potatoes. There are actually a number of very tasty foods that are also healthy and good for us. The trick is to get in the habit of eating them and to teach your family to crave things like squash, tomatoes, and bananas instead of French fries and hamburgers.

Believe it or not, children are much easier to train than adults. Even though they may whine some at first, they are quicker to adapt to healthy eating than a grown person who has been eating a poor diet for years. Children are also very open-minded and reasonable. You might start by teaching them the value of eating healthy.

Show them some statistics. Talk about the health problems associated with obesity, such as diabetes. Make a sound argument and you can usually win over most kids, even teens. Because so many Americans have become alarmed at the growing number of adults and children who are obese, you can easily find many stores that offer organically grown foods. This is a great place to start.

Pick up some fresh fruits and veggies that you think your family might like. Don’t forget snack foods like dried cranberries, strawberries or raisins. These are not only tasty snacks but they are nutritious. Don’t forget to address the drinks as well. Too many of us are drinking several soft drinks, coffee and tea each day. Replace those soft drinks with juices like orange or apple juice. Be sure to read the label and get 100% juice and not simply water with added sugar and flavorings.

Remember that food is fuel for our bodies. If you put trash in your car’s gas tank, it will not budge. Though the human body is more forgiving than that, it will eventually break down if you fill it with junk food day after day. There are so many advantages to eating healthy. They include more energy, fewer illnesses and a nice complexion.

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