Chiropractor High School Sports

Q: I’m noticing that my daughter’s / son’s shoulders, hips are “tilting” and that her / his feet are flat, like there’s no arch support and there are callouses and bunions developing. As a parent what can I do to help?

If you could call our office at 801-230-0166 Dr. Seiler can use his new 3D Computerized Foot-Scanner which will give you a detailed report on where the stresses are being placed on your child’s feet. Unbalanced feet / arches lead to foot pain, ankle pain, tilted knees,hips & shoulders.Once your child is scanned insertable functional orthotics can be customly made to properly fit just about any of your child’s feet to level your child’s feet, ankles, knees and help to control, reduce and change any developing scoliosis.

Q: Can my child who plays sports in high school benefit from the holistic chiropractic care offered by Dr. Bob Seiler, Chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Answer 1: Yes. Teens’ bodies are very vulnerable to the rigorous practices and physical contact from sports such as football, lacrosse, weight-lifting, track & field, running, cheering, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, hockey, swimming, gymnastics, fencing, baseball, softball, tennis, golf.  Spinal misalignments can occur after the repetitive impacts and motions of these sports.

Answer 2: All high school sports involve to varying degrees physical forces of compression & torque that affect joints, cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments of the body. The increased the physical forces of the sport the increased the likelihood of injury eventually leading to physical problems & surgeries. After a surgery that body part is never quite the same because it’s been cut.

Answer 3: Children’s bodies grow most rapidly during their elementary and high school years. With increased physical forces of gravity, compression & torque, forces of weight with shearing lead to increased back, neck and body injuries,. Most adults will experience low back pain, but the problems actually begin in those elementary & high school years. The pain is only felt later in life, because there is only 30% of pain cells in the body, which means that a problem has to develop more in order to be felt. As a result kids, teens, adults don’t get the problem treated soon enough, therefore, it takes longer to reduce the pain and longer to heal, Scoliosis (an irregular curvature of the spine) begins at early ages. A child in elementary school or high school can be sitting and leaning over their desks for months and years! Scoliosis is usually not felt, but can be seen on x-rays. X-rays can give you a picture of your child’s spine. If detected early enough scoliosis won’t have to be a major problem. And if x-rays are taken please have the x-rays taken from a chiropractor who is the only healthcare professional specifically trained for 3-4 years to interpret your child’s x-rays. Medical doctors or physical therapists are not trained to interpret x-rays as chiropractors are.

Q: Why do so many kids, teens, adolescents take over-the –counter (OTC) pills & pain relievers such as Advil, aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol or other toxic medications to lessen pain or injury in high school? Can a chiropractor provide more effective relief?

A: Dr. Seiler having attended various high school sports in Salt Lake City, Utah, sees coaches more interested in developing the skills of athletes in their sport. Most high schools don’t have coaches on the field or teachers in the classroom talking about spinal education, spinal health, natural healthcare or even mention chiropractic. More often the athlete is receiving a pain injection, a shot of cortisone, a pain medication, which can lead to drug dependencies and doesn’t help the cause of the problem; it just attempts to relieve the pain. See – Free Health & Wellness Talks at your school.

Q: If coaches and teachers aren’t mentioning chiropractic to their students and players, then where and how do kids learn to care for their bodies naturally?

A: From television. . drug and pharmaceutical companies have lots of money to spend on advertising and if kids are watching lots of television that’s what they think is best for them, but it’s not. Take a look at all the television commercials that there are for pain relievers; all the drugs / pills that are advertised for any health problem today. Many people seek remedies from pills and quick-fixes. But it’s through chiropractors that talk about natural healthcare, spinal adjustments, flexibility in our bodies & a healthy lifestyle and the value of a healthy nervous system, which gives life to our years and years to our lives. The chiropractic process is a natural process, and, therefore, requires some time to heal.

Chiropractors intensely study the nervous system and the body for four years in a chiropractic college. Chiropractic colleges teach that the nervous system is the most important system of the body, because it affects every function of the body. If the nervous system is functioning optimally so is the quality of life for that kid, teen, adult. That kid, teen, adult will experience less injury, less illness and less disease.

Q: As a holistic chiropractor in Salt Lake City what is unique about Dr. Bob’s chiropractic philosophy?

A: Dr. Bob Seiler, a chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah:

  • won’t have every patient receive three adjustments per week for years to come, which is common for many chiropractors,
  • won’t sell you or your family excessive amounts of nutritional supplements or herbs,
  • will offer you different holistic options for your chiropractic healthcare depending on the extent, longevity, severity of your health concern(s)
  • will take into consideration what kind of medical treatments or physical therapy that may not have previously worked for you or your family
  • provides the highest of personable and quality chiropractic services in Salt Lake City,
  • will offer you and your family three types of chiropractic care: Type 1) to lessen your pain or problem. Type 2) to lessen your pain and correct the problem that caused the health concerns. Type 3) to maintain your wellness so that the health concern that was relieved will continue to be corrected and managed over time. All of the different types of chiropractic care are all options for you, and the final decision is yours!
  • does not have every patient x-rayed
  • sees patients on weekday evenings and weekends; there is no waiting with multiple patients in the reception area. For an appointment you can call our office at (801-230-0166).
  • loves helping children, teens, adults in body-mind & spirit to help them empower themselves and to recommend natural ways to  improve their quality of living.
  • will listen to what you have to say

Q: What is the benefit of pediatric chiropractic care to adult chiropractic care?

A: Accidents and injuries are more easily correctable with children, teens, adolescents, because life patterns are less established. Adult patterns for better or for worse are more ingrained, and, therefore, it takes longer to make the needed changes and improvements. That’s how nature is.

Q: How would you know when it is a good time to schedule a chiropractic exam for your child, teen, adolescent?

A: If you’re not sure please call our office and tell us about your child’s condition. Dr. Bob can let you know over the phone if you ought to schedule an appointment for your child.  You don’t need to rely upon someone else’s suggestions or opinion, because they may not have had a good first chiropractic experience, they may not believe in chiropractic and they may not have seen the right chiropractor. Every chiropractor works differently. Other people may believe that pills are the answer to health problems.

Please feel free to call Dr. Bob Seiler, a holistic chiropractor in Salt Lake City, for your or your child’s first chiropractic exam. Come in and see what it’s like for yourself. Dr. Bob  guarantees that you’ll have a wonderful experience and be helped!

This information is solely given for the purpose of general information / education and is not intended to be used for any kind of self-diagnosis or self-treatment. If you have any questions about your health and well-being you can Dr. Bob Seiler, a Salt Lake City holistic chiropractor at (801) 230-0166 or your physician.