Ducati-ing to Lake Tahoe>San Francisco>northern California coast – July 2014

Ducati Update – July 2014:  Just got back from a 1921 mile round-trip motorcycle trip from Salt Lake city to south Lake Tahoe onto San Francisco…doing the best of chiropractic workshops by Dr Art Croft, DC of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego to learn more about what it’s like for people to be involved in an auto collision and whiplash accidents and who are entitled for more medical /chiropractic care and legal settlement to receive what they’re entitled to whether it be from their own auto insurance for which they pay for or from the insurance company of the person who was at fault…don’t ever settle for less…it’s your birth-right! …  then over the golden gate bridge to Stinson beach up highway us 1 to Olema with a most wonderful sunday brunch consisting of clam chowder soup, 2 servings of fresh chilled oysters plus crab cakes, 2 draft beers and dessert…the “duc” never ran better nor did I… then and onto harbin hot springs for 3 days of sun…pools of water…pools of water and more pools of water…healing exponentiated…butt’s a little sore after 721 miles on the bike yesterday but the bod’s unwinding after a few scotch & water’s 🙂 … the coolest thing i’ve ever done so far…and i look forward to the “next trip…”…maybe the Canadian Pacific northwest… July 2014.

Torrey, Utah, September 2012 – Last weekend I took a gorgeous motorcycle ride to Torrey, Boulder, Escalante and Goblin State Park.  The weather was absolutely fantastic, autumn was in its full splendor and the Fall colors were so beautiful! Af’ter having sunshine for three days I was actually hoping that it would rain one day just to be able to wear my rain gear, rubber gloves and six layers.

It was my first trip to Torrey. You’re in  for a real treat. If you go too fast through the town you can ride right through it. Cafe Diablo was great for dinner, a little pricier than other restaurants in town, but quite nice. For breakfast try the Capitol Reef & Cafe…great pancakes and French toast. During the summer months it’s pretty busy so bring your newspaper, favorite book or catch up on your emails and text messaging…its  nice not rushing anywhere, besides you can always rush when you go home.

Go out Highway 12 west to Boulder. I was a little disappointed with Hells Backbone Grill…sweet atmosphere, but not quite the hype that it appeared on their website. The ride to Escalante is gorgeous. I went the third weekend in September, such beautiful Fall colors, unbelievable diversity in the geography and topography within short distances and the rodes are the best that I have ever ridden on. They wind so beautifully, no sharp bends which I don’t like and if I rode for some 25 hours over the weekend there was just “one pebble” on the entire highway.

There are so many trails to choose from and so much to see, to feel and to experience. Tons of stars. The air is so delicate …its molecules almost seem to speak…took 6.5 hours to get home, but can’t wait to go down again.