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Holistic Chiropractic in Salt Lake City

Mission: Optimizing your vibrational Energy through Holistic Chiropractic & Sublte Energy Medicine

Vision: Restoring your physical, emotional, chemical & nutritive interferences to support your Wellbeing, Performance & Longevity

Injured in A Car Accident? Caring for & Relieving Your Physical & Emotional Trauma ~ Holistically

Our lives are stressful whether you feel it or not ~ physically, emotionally, chemically, environmentally. Coming to our holistic clinic can give you an opportunity to perceive your world differently and support positive changes in your life

Bruce Lipton says in "The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles", that we can change our vibrational energy & restore the internal energy environment within our body & the external energy environment around our body, so that a healing can take place "epi-genetically > beyond genetics"


Please read before scheduling a new patient appointment:

Your Wellness is more than a few chiropractic adjustments. I believe that a person needs to evaluate how & why they live, what & how they think, what they eat & drink, how they sleep or dream into different aspects of their lives.

At Dr. Bob's holistic clinic it's an invitation to explore what matters; to dream into cud be better, what cud change in our life, what is most dear to you, maybe being alive, what you or a loved one just went through or are going through, maybe it's being "stuck" in an aspect of your life or a loss of someone dear ~  all things experiences and moments get stored in our body and lead to pain, illness, disease or better wellbeing. 

Dr. Bob wud examine from our feet up including your ankles, knees, legs, gut, solar plexus, spine, heart, liver, lungs, your brain, your mind, the chakras & subtle energies that surround  and what you are manifesting. Everything is energy and it's changeable ~ if you're wiling.  

I invite you to complete our new patient paperwork and call for a new patient appointment. 

Call 801-230-0166 to support and make some changes in your life! 

Out-of-pocket fees are $45 /15 mintes unless some insurance is involved. Your initial visit is about 60 minutes.   

Try to complete the above  new patient forms in the above tab "For New Patients" at home. Spend some time reflecting on the questions, which will help me understand more about you so that I can help you more. 

An inspirational read:
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. - The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Conscious, Matter & Miracles.

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Dr. Bob uses the Erchonia, low level laser therapy and the Biocharger, a rife-like, energy, frequency technology to help support the wellbeing of your brain, body, mind, spirit & soul. 

Along with the vibrational energy of ingesting wholefood nutrition & herbs  with detoxification / purification programs from Standard Process from their organic farms in Palmyra, Wisconsin and working with Dr. Bob we can begin to support and alter the normal "tendencies" of your body and mind.  

NY Times Best Seller:

The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind & Body in the Healing of Trauma, by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

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Dr. Bob integrates a multi-disciplinary approach with  body-mind therapies and with subtle energy therapies to support a person's deeper, subtle levels of healing rather than receiving multitudinous chiropractic adjustments.  

The vibrational energies of  intersegmental traction, with infra-red, amethyst-crystal, heating pads with Erchonia's low level laser therapy with spinal decompression for one's neck & back tightness with gentle, percussive massage techniques & vibrational light, sound, electromagnetic & voltage therapies can improve the functioning of one's body & mind to live healthier & longer.  

These state-of-the-art next generation therapies along with the right kind of chiropractic adjustments can invite your holistic being of body, mind, senses, spirit & soul to experience new ways in relating to yourself to others and to your world.

After completing our New Patient Forms preferably at home, you can call to schedule your new patient experience. If you can email Dr. Bob your newpatient forms he can review them before your appointment. It's approximately 60-75 minutes,  less or more depending on what Dr. Bob sees holistically related to your primary concerns. 

A read for Curious Quantum Minds -

The Quantum Mind & Healing: How to Listen & Respond to Your Body's Symptoms, by Arnold Mindell, Ph.D.

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Dr Bob Seiler - SLC Chiropractor

Dr. Bob's Holistic Chiropractic with Vibrational & Subtle Energy Medicine in Salt Lake City

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